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My evolution in painting is taking me away from external reality to take me to my inner reality. To that individual reality, proper to each one. This evolution has as its initial reference the nature, as can be seen from my first works. A friendly, harmonious, sympathetic and intimate nature that is mutating towards abstraction without losing its character. Because for me painting wants to be the representation of purity, innocence, simplicity. And it is these values that I seek to express in my painting, be it figurative or abstract.

To date, in my work there is no pattern to follow. It is a free work and varied, with multiple registers, techniques and themes. Each work is a new challenge, a new idea, a story to tell. Although, there is a common denominator in my work, which I cannot give up: color. For better or for worse, color has been a constant in my work from the beginning, something innate to it.

The essential premise in my work is freedom. I firmly believe that painting has to be practiced with total freedom, only in this way can one grow and give the best.

Núria Fernández Puig was born in Torrent (Valencia, Spain) in 1972. Drawing and painting have always been a concern for her. She studies Technical Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where she graduated in 1997. Since then she works as a liberal professional Technical Architect. In the summer of 1998 she made the first two paintings oil of hers in a self-taught way. But his profession leaves him little time to devote to painting and his production is very scarce until 2012. It was in this year when, due to the critical situation of the construction sector in Spain, he had the time necessary to dedicate to his true vocation. , the painting. Since then she combines her profession of technical architect with pictorial practice. In January 2014, she begins to attend classes at the RoMarAlArt Academy of Fine Arts in Torrent (Valencia). In September 2014, she began her study of Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia where she graduated in 2020.

Her pictorial work is varied and free, it cannot be pigeonholed. Her first works are figurative, but an expressive intention towards abstraction emerges from her pictorial evolution. Her main influence the nature that unfolds around the color with total freedom. These are to date the three constant attributes in Núria Fernández’s work: nature, color, and freedom.

Academic studing

2020. Graduated in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

1997. Diploma in Technical Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Further training

2023, August. Natural landscape course, in Matet (Castellón)

2023, May. Dialogues in Fine Arts Course at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Carlos.

2023, May. Porcelain paper workshop in the Botanical Garden with Eugenia Boscà

2023, February. Ceramic course at Avec-Gremio (Manises) on materials for utility.

2022, April. Ceramic graphic process workshop with Xavier Monsalvatge.

2022, July. Dialogues in Fine Arts course organized by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Carlos.

2022, February. Lathe course at the Valencian Association of Ceramics AVEC-GREMIO.

2021, August. Cyanotype Workshop taught by Norberto Legidos.

2021, July. Painting workshop The Essence of Nature. Taught by Norberto Legidos.

2019, August. Natural landscape painting course in Carrícola (Valencia), organized by the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

2018, August. Natural landscape painting course “Landscape and experimentation” in Carrícola. organized by the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

2018, July. Landscape painting course: looks and territory. Antonio Gargallo University Foundation. University of Teruel.

2018, January. Collaboration in the Collaborative Workshop “La Ola y el Oceánico” With Federico Guzmán at the Ivam, Valencian Institute of Modern Art in Valencia.

2017, Natural landscape painting course “oil alla prima” in Carrícola (Valencia), organized by the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

2014, from January to June, student at the RoMarAlArt Academy of Fine Arts in Torrent (Valencia).

December 2022. “Evolució” in the Nules City Hall Library. 

August 2022. Exhibition “Evolució” in the Castell d’Alaquàs. READ MORE

September 2021. Exhibition “Three Horses” in Ca Revolta (Valencia). 

2020 October. Exhibition “Tres cavalls” in Sala L´Espai de Torrent (Valencia).

2018, October. Exhibition “En algun lloc”, and mural painting workshop, Torrent (Valencia).

2017, May. Exhibition of paintings from the “Tok Tok Collection” at the Restaurant “El Balcó del Micalet”, Calle Tapineria nº 27, Barrio del Carmen, València.

2017, April. Exhibition of paintings from the “Tok Tok Collection”, in La Roche, Calle Bolsería nº 20, Barrio del Carmen, Valencia.

2017, March. Exhibition of paintings from the “Tok Tok Collection” in Ca Martí, Calle Corregeria nº 7, Barrio del Carmen, València

2016, November. Exhibition of the “Tok Tok Collection” at Café Berlin, C / Cádiz 22, Ruzafa neighborhood, València.

2015, April. Painting exhibition “On a sphere called Earth”, at the Official College of Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers of Valencia, Calle Colón 42, Valencia.

2014, September. Exhibition of paintings “Stat of Nature” in Café Berlín, C / Cádiz 22, Barrio de Ruzafa (València).

2014, April. Painting Exhibition “Pinzellades de Natura”, Sponsored by the Torrent City Council in L´Espai, Avinguda al Vedat 102.2th floor. Torrent (Valencia).

2013, May. First exhibition “Naturalment. Oli, fill and enthuse ”, at the Vedat de Torrent Neighborhood Association (Valencia).

2022, October. “Under Construction”, in C.A.A.T.I.E.V. (42 Colón Street, Valencia). 

2022, June. «Kactus Effect» with Dori Climent and Vicente Ortí in the A.VV. of the Vedat de Torrent (Valencia). READ MORE

2018, November. “Collective Art” CAATIE Valencia (C / Colón 42-1, València). Read more (Spanish) …

2018, June. Exhibition at the Faculty of Fine Arts. UPV.

2016, December. Collaboration in the “Mostra d´Art Compromés” in Cocentaina, Weapons Room of the Condal Palace of Cocentaina (Valencia).

2015, February. Exhibition of painting “Life in Color and Viceversa” together with exhibition of Sculpture by Pascual Daniel Fernández Cervera “Tensions of society” in Café Alameda, Paseo de la Alameda 6, 46010 Valencia.

Some works