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The Alfang brand is fully dedicated to the artisan creation of ceramic and porcelain products. It was born with the purpose of offering pieces with an exclusive design. Many of them are unique pieces, and all are handcrafted pieces with their own design made with affection and dedication. The fact that the designs of the Alfang brand are exclusive, is a guarantee that the pieces have been made both by hand and artistically.

If a piece with the Alfang brand ever falls into your hands, take care of it with care, because behind it there is careful work and a universe of experiences, study of techniques and craft procedures, mistakes and successes, but above all, behind the Algang brand there is a person who brings to the piece that sensitivity, that perfect imperfection that mechanized procedures can never achieve.

The owner of the Alfang brand is Núria Fernández Puig, and it is a brand that is currently in the process of being registered with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO). A brand that, although young, has a lot to offer. It is, as always, a matter of time.