Valencian Technical Architecture Award, 2023

Núria Fernández carries out the design and execution of the first edition of the Valencian Technical Architecture Award, awarded by the Official College of Valencian Technical Architecture.


Title: I have been clay

Technique: Painting with slips on ceramic brick

Dimensions: Brick 23.5 x 10.5 x 4.5 cm. on wooden base.

This piece, entitled “I have been clay”, conceived for the Valencia Technical Architecture Awards of the C.O.A.T of Valencia, represents everything that a brick contains. What has been, what is and what will be, as a metaphor for professional development in Technical Architecture. An evolution that begins with learning, where the student is nourished by knowledge and, like clay in the hands of the master potter, is trained in his profession for his future work. And just as fire turns clay into ceramic and gives it the condition of resistance, it will be the work practice carried out with tenacity, effort and perseverance in the Construction sector that gives it optimum professionalism. And now, with the acquired form and resistance, all the projects, challenges and desires proposed in the field of Construction can be carried out. Well, a brick, like a good Professional in the Technical Architecture sector, has great potential, as the History of Construction always reminds us.

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