2016 Tok Tok at Café Berlin – Ruzafa -València

Painting Exhibition “Tok Tok” by Núria Fernández Puig

CAFE BERLIN (C/ Cádiz nº 22, Barrio de Ruzafa, Valencia)

In this exhibition, Núria Fernández Puig presents her new Tok Tok Collection. Paintings made on restored old wooden doors. Other recent works carried out on more conventional supports will also be exhibited. It is an exhibition of very different themes, from seascapes and figurative paintings, through “Art Brut”, to totally abstract works. And with the incorporation of pictorial treatment techniques introduced in the works as a result of experimentation and expressiveness: “grattage”, “dripping”, sgraffito, in addition to the “collage” already used previously.

Cartel de la Exposición

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