2015 Exhibition at Café Alameda -València

Sculpture exhibition by Pascual Daniel Fernández Cervera “KLO”, TENSIONS OF SOCIETY, and painting exhibition by Núria Fernández Puig, LIFE IN COLOR AND VICEVERSA, at Café Alameda.

“TENSION OF SOCIETY” by Pascual Daniel Fernández Cervera, KLO.

Valencian painter and sculptor. He has been dedicated to art for more than 20 years, painting in different techniques (watercolor, acrylic, pastel), and experimenting day after day, he has captured marine paintings, landscapes and portraits of him. He now presents us with a series of sculptures made with a new and unique technique.

Pascual D. Fernández Cervera, KLO

“LIFE TO COLOR AND VICEVERSA” by Núria Fernández Puig.

This exhibition of paintings is characterized mainly by the great color, reaching the viewer as a flash full of connotations of joy and liveliness. He fearlessly uses color to create works that convey feelings of calm, well-being, and at the same time strength and encouragement. An exhibition to give “color to life”.